2020 - Germany

Veranstaltungskalender Tagung & Konferenz

The image of our future is changing rapidly. The technological advancements of the last decade offer unique opportunities for business growth and make the inclusion of societies, which are left behind, possible. But, they also present society with security and ethical challenges. 

We witness the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Chatbots, Interconnected Devices at home, at work and on the way from one to the other. But together with this technological revolution, the number of various concerns is rising. The issues of privacy, ethical use of our data and cybersecurity are taking center stage over the last few years and will become even more prevalent in the near future. is the first sustainable, decentralized event for global communities. These series of events offer you talks, panel discussions and workshops relevant for an enterprise executive but also for a private citizen. The events across the 2 continents will cover all aspects of digitalization and the interaction of humans and technology. will take place in Darmstadt | Germany, Stockholm | Sweden, and Abuja | Nigeria simultaneously. The events will  focus on  relevant topics for each region, applying traditional and innovative ways. Attend interactive sessions, keynotes from thought-leaders and experts and participate in discussions together with the expert speakers and panelists.

Key Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence: How Will AI Impact Our Lives
  • Robotics and Automation - Future of Connectivity
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Challenges & Solutions
  • Ethics, Trust & Data
  • Managing Digital identities
  • Future Mobility - Solving the Current Gridlock
  • Marketing Transformation - Engaging Users in a Better Way
  • Blockchain - from Buzzword to Real Applications
  • Smart Grid / Smart Cities - Changing of the Urban Life

Future of Banking & Financial Services