Personal encounters are necessary and also possible again in many areas of working life. The darmstadtium offers you sufficient space to get back into safe personal exchange.

From 02 April, the basic protection measures based on the current Federal Infection Protection Act will take effect in Hesse. Previous regulations, such as the obligation to wear a mask, distance and hygiene concepts and access restrictions at events will no longer apply. However, wearing a medical mask and observing distance and hygiene measures is recommended. 

An overview of the basic protection measures in force in Hesse can be found on the website of the Hessian state government

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Christine Kunze

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Vaccination outpatient clinic in Darmstadt

The operation of the vaccination outpatient clinic in the darmstadtium was discontinued on 27.03.2022.

Other vaccination outpatient clinics of the health department of the city of Darmstadt and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg are located in Bessunger Straße in Darmstadt and in Reinheim in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. Here, people from the age of 12 can receive their first, second and booster vaccinations against Corona. Vaccinations are given exclusively according to the recommendations of the STIKO. The currently valid STIKO recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute. To avoid long waiting times, vaccinations in the vaccination outpatient clinics are given by appointment, which can be made online. 

All information on vaccination services in the city of Darmstadt and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg can be found on the website of the public health department. For questions regarding vaccination, you can reach the telephone hotline 06151 3309444 between 9 am - 5 pm. You can also send your request to the e-mail address 


The high standard for hygiene measures is continuously being modified and expanded as prescribed by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The darmstadtium has drawn up an officially approved hygiene concept for this.

The most important measures and regulations for organisers and visitors:

Prior to the start of an event, written agreement must be reached with the darmstadtium and the event organiser on the hygiene measures to be implemented by third parties. The darmstadtium reserves the right not to allow events to begin or to cancel them if requirements, in particular current legal regulations, are not met. The hygiene rules always apply in event operations, including the event set-up and dismantling work.

  • The darmstadtium is only open for events, otherwise access for guests is prohibited until further notice. 
  • Access to events is via the main entrance. 
  • Access from the underground car park into the darmstadtium remains closed. Access to the underground car park is via the entrance on Alexanderstraße.
  • Wearing a medical mask is strongly recommended, especially in crowded situations.
  • It is recommended to continue to observe distances and hygiene measures, such as thorough hand washing and the cough-sneeze etiquette. 
  • The organiser must ensure, as far as possible, that only symptom-free persons are allowed access to the event.
  • If several events are taking place at the same time, hygiene measures must be coordinated in such a way that the number of visitors encountered is reduced to the necessary minimum.
  • The surfaces of tables, chair handles, door handles and WCs are thoroughly cleaned with a surfactant-based cleaner before and after each day of the event. The same applies to highly frequented surfaces (handrails, cloakrooms and accreditation counters, visitor furniture, etc.).
  • The condition of the toilets and especially the soap and towel dispensers is demonstrably checked at short intervals by the cleaning service provider.
  • The event rooms, foyers and toilets of the darmstadtium have ventilation systems that enable ventilation without recirculation.


The darmstadtium offers ideal conditions for hybrid events and virtual offerings. The existing IT infrastructure is crucial when planning and implementing these formats.

Thanks to the excellent connectivity in all areas of the building, the darmstadtium can act flexibly and offer customers a wide range of solutions. With 2 x 20 Gigabit/s external internet connection, the darmstadtium is the fastest congress centre in Germany.

Integration of an in-house streaming server for the Cisco Webex Meetings solution marks a further step towards optimising the offering. Our clients also benefit from the ability of our experienced staff to respond to their individual requests. On-site personal consulting by our competent staff is very important to our customers.

Tobias Schmidt, Head of Event Technology at the darmstadtium
More room for safe events

The darmstadtium offers you more space to hold your events.

From 02 April, the obligation to wear a mask, previous regulations for distance and hygiene measures as well as access restrictions and capacity limitations for events will no longer apply. Wearing a medical mask and also observing distance and hygiene measures is strongly recommended. 

All information on the applicable basic protection measures in Hesse can be found here.

All important information about the hygiene concept of the venue and our offers. (As of 02/04/2022)

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