Accessibility in the darmstadtium

Logo accessibility

Accessible tourism is growing continuously but this rise is also due to demographic developments. Accessibility offers comfort for some as it makes it much easier for them to access places, and for others, it is a necessity as it ensures they are able to access all rooms within a building without having to navigate obstacles.
Accessibility and providing unrestricted access to all rooms were considered important factors when planning and constructing the darmstadtium.

The congress centre Darmstadt has been inspected and certified as an accessible company in accordance with the "Reisen für Alle" ("Travelling for everyone") accessibility certificate issued by HA Hessen Agentur GmbH. Read more about this certification

Information for blind and partially-sighted visitors

The darmstadtium has measures in place for blind and partially-sighted visitors.
The accessibility and usability criteria for full accessibility have been taken into consideration on our website, which also provides access to speaking URLs. All other aspects are individually scalable.
A hosted guidance system is available to take you safely to your desired event. Assist dogs are allowed in the darmstadtium.
The forecourt is marked with tactile strips to make it easier for you to get your bearings. The entrance foyer is well lit, without glare, and contrasts with its surrounding area and the main entrance is equipped with electronic sliding doors.
The lifts have also been equipped with raised buttons which allow you to feel their markings.

Information for visitors with mobility difficulties

To make your route through the building easier, the darmstadtium is equipped with ramps and elevators on every level. There is also a stair lift to facilitate getting on stage, no matter whether this is in the congress halls spectrum or ferrum, or in one of the conference rooms. All the rooms have wheelchair spaces available and the height of the speaker’s podiums can be adjusted. You will find seating areas at various points in the building to make your time here more comfortable.
The main entrance is equipped with electronic sliding doors, and other doors can be opened electronically by pushing a button.
All levels have variable rooms, some of the rooms can be used as an ascending "auditorium" or a smooth "parquet floor", or combined by means of removable walls. Toilets with wheelchair access can be found on all levels.
The Infopoint in the entrance foyer can be accessed by wheelchair so everyone can use this service.

Information for visitors with impaired hearing

Further help to make your visit more enjoyable in our building: Some rooms have induction loops for visitors with impaired hearing. The visual guidance system also provides good orientation in the form of monitors throughout the building.