“We look forward to being your guest again” – the darmstadtium team often hears this sentence from its customers. It’s clear that it doesn’t refer just to the location, but also to the entire team. After all, what would a facility like darmstadtium be without a dedicated team?

[Translate to Englisch:] Logo Staufen AG

Staufen AG

BestPractice Day 2018 – 3.-4.7.2018

"Thank you very much for the perfect support and care. Everything went smoothly and very well. My colleagues’ feedback was also very good – both regarding the content of the congress and in terms of organisation and technics."

[Translate to Englisch:] Logo ISRA VISION AG

Enis Ersü, Dr. Dirk Hanusch


"We say thank you for the very pleasant cooperation in the last few months. After the strenuous preparation days, it is nice to look back on a successful event. Success is no coincidence! You and your whole team helped us a lot, and our this year's general meeting has been a successful day of ISRA VISION AG.
That's why we thank you a lot. We are very happy about the outstanding competence of the whole team, the flexibility and - especially - the always pleasant cooperation. We thank you for your committed collaboration for a completely successful event - hopefully further events will follow."

Logo IBC Consult

Monika Gierth

IBS Consult

"Magnificent support, awesome location! There's nothing that cannot be solved."



Logo Straumann

Ronja Nunn

events & congresses, Straumann GmbH

"We would like to say thank you for the outstanding support in Darmstadt. We felt very comfortable and in good hands.
Great praise to the technicians as well for their competent support. Many thanks for the direct and solution-oriented response to spontaneous inquiries.
Our colleagues on-site also reported only positive feedback concerning the facilities, the support on-site, the catering and the technology.
We all had a lot of fun - and, thanks to your support, a successful event."

[Translate to Englisch:] Logo G&G

Sonja Christ, G&G Event-Marketing GmbH

"Preisverleihung Darmstädter Impuls 2017"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great event support! Our guests were very satisfied with everything and we received positive feedback.
The darmstadtium is simply a great location for an event like this.
Thank you very much - also the colleagues, that always helped us immediately with every small challenges.
Praise should also be given to the technical staff, that reacted very uncomplicated and professional to the short-term modifications and implemented them soon."

Tobias Mund

Managing Director White Elements GmbH

"The darmstadtium and the whole team are characterised by its flexibility, reliability, kindness & expertise – an all-round pleasant working environment with a great team in your house! Many thanks for the flexibility, the accommodation and the smooth running during the event days."


Karl-Heinz Streibich

former CEO of Software AG

“Innovation only comes about through an efficient interlocking of business and science. The Rhine-Main region can prepare optimum ground for this to take place with a communication platform such as darmstadtium. In the coming year, for example, Software AG is planning to hold a range of international meetings and conferences at darmstadtium."

Logo Horiba

Sandra Kuhn


International Technical Sales Meeting 2016 - 23rd +24th February 2016

"The darmstadtium has a very positive “charisma”/effect (staff,  facilities, architecture), that affects events. Very friendly staff, high flexibility, facilities & technical equipment top."

Logo Plexus

"Plexus EMEA Quarterly Strategy Session"

- 16 September 2015 (Ms Dagmar Blank)

"Spaces, location, building, restaurant – all the attendees were extremely pleased and enthusiastic. The dinner was fantastic and the crew was great."

Dieter Glogowski

Dieter Glogowski

Weitsicht festival

"We had a great 'Weitsicht' festival! Thanks for a very successful collaboration. We are looking forward to spending the years to come with you. A big thank you to all of you!
The festival is valuable to Darmstadt and to darmstadtium. It connects people from well beyond the boundaries of the Rhine-Main region and offers its many visitors happy moments, friends and confidence."

Average customer satisfaction ratings in 2017

p 1.25* event planning
e 1.19* event support
T 1.3* IT/technical support
V more than 360 events 2017
b 145.000 visitors 2017
w 99% recommendation
* average of given grades: 1 (very good) to 5 (inadequate)

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