Climate-friendly meetings

Green meetings are a trend. They show that suppliers and companies take responsibility for and are conscious of the environment and the future. But we don’t want to it to remain merely a trend: Darmstadtium is a vanguard project for sustainability, protection of resources and intelligent energy use and is thus well placed to be a future-oriented, climate-friendly meeting location.

Together with its climate partner Entega, darmstadtium compensates for all stationary CO2 emissions from the events held in the congress centre.

darmstadtium is largely heated by internal heat sources. The building’s own biomass boiler is an important component of darmstadtium’s energy supply. Woodchips from the region are the fuel used, meaning that the CO2 emitted to transport them is not unnecessarily high.

The roof surfaces of darmstadtium are equipped to generate solar power with over 400 solar modules. The photovoltaic system generates 180 watts of power per module – around 70,000 kilowatt-hours per year! And, to ensure that it does not get too warm in winter, the façades are made of special glass.

The calla, the funnel-shaped flower made of glass and steel in the foyer of the congress centre, is used in two ways to save resources – to collect rainwater and to suck in air. After that, heat recovery from the waste air follows, as does evaporation of the rainwater to cool the incoming air and use of the rainwater for sanitation. Sustainability par excellence!






Darmstadt’s congress centre supports the GCB and EVVC’s “fairpflichtet” campaign.

Darmstadt’s congress centre takes its responsibility for its commercial endeavours for granted, although it is also one of the greatest challenges facing the future of the sector. The company’s orientation, and thus our employees’ activities, are aimed towards sustainability and follow the principle of the “sustainably acting entrepreneur”. We already implement most of the points of the sustainability codex by means of the principles shown and the specific guidelines and are working hard on fulfilling the requirements in

the future.

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darmstadtium is not only a vanguard project for sustainability, protection of resources and intelligent energy use in its event organisation. Dedication to the environment is also deeply rooted in the office. That is why the conference centre won first place in the “Office and Environment 2014” competition and 3rd place in 2019 (in the category “Companies with up to 500 employees”).

At the centre of the competition organised by the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.) is the careful use of resources in everyday office work as well as the consideration of environmental issues when procuring office products. 

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The sustainable overall performance of the darmstadtium building won an award: it was the first German congress centre to receive the DGNB certificate in silver.

The DGNB (“German Sustainable Building Council” – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.) certification system is a second-generation system when compared to other international awards: evaluation is carried out not just based on ecological aspects, but on a holistic consideration of a building’s entire life cycle. A building’s sustainable overall performance is evaluated

using around 40 different criteria from various categories.








Whether our visitors come from near or far, we can offer them various climate-friendly and cost-effective ways of getting here. Thanks to the cooperation between Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum Darmstadt GmbH & Co. KG and Deutsche Bahn, you can travel relaxed and conveniently to conferences and meetings at darmstadtium. We can help you protect the environment: If you use your event ticket to travel to and from your event using Deutsche Bahn’s long-distance services, your journey will be fuelled by 100% green power. The energy needed for your journey will be obtained from renewable energy sources only. You can also travel with an electric car – you can refuel with 100% green power at the electric charging station in our underground car park. There are several ways of getting around Darmstadt in an environmentally friendly way: You can use the DarmstadtCard, a conference ticket that covers public transport; rent an e-bike, or use DB Rent’s “Call a Bike” campaign.