Get Connected in the IT hotspot darmstadtium.

Latest IT infrastructure, a fast internet connection (up to 10 GB/s), extreme reliability and the provision of individual customer networks (VLAN technology) – with our digital infrastructure, we fulfil the most stringent requirements for network technology and connectivity.

The individual care and first-class support provided by our IT specialists also mean that darmstadtium is very well placed to host ambitious user conferences. No need to rent hardware, no time-consuming set-up, cabling and dismantling work – you arrive and can immediately log into a functional, fast and secure network. 

International award for darmstadtium

For its first-class digital infrastructure and continuous improvement, darmstadtium received the INCON Digital Infrastructure Award 2014. Melbourne and Amsterdam had to make do with 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. The available equipment and the optimum configuration and organisation allow improved productivity and connectivity in darmstadtium.


Patrick Gaußmann Director ICT (information and communication technology)
Maik Sterzing ICT (information and communication technology)