The most sustainable office 2014 in Germany

‐ Darmstadt Press-Reports

Darmstadt, October 2014 - darmstadtium is not only a vanguard project for sustainability, protection of resources and intelligent energy use in its event organisation. Dedication to the environment is also deeply rooted in the office. That is why the conference centre won first place in the “Office and Environment 2014” competition (in the category “Companies with up to 500 employees”).

At the centre of the competition organised by the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.) is the careful use of resources in everyday office work as well as the consideration of environmental issues when procuring office products. 

Within the science city of Darmstadt, darmstadtium has ticked all the boxes for sustainable activities. Since September 2013, Darmstadt has been an official Fairtrade City. The city also has a Green mayor, who is also the chairman of the supervisory board of darmstadtium. This visibly strengthens the company’s philosophy, which also has a positive effect on darmstadtium’s view of itself as a green organisation. Jochen Partsch, Mayor of Darmstadt and chairman of the supervisory board, is proud of this: “Environmentalism and sustainability have been central principles of the work carried out in many areas of darmstadtium since the beginning. Over time, however, the processes underpinning this aim have been continually optimised. I am therefore particularly pleased that the city’s conference centre has now won first prize in the ‘Office and Environment’ competition for its sustainable environmental management in the area of office work,” says Partsch.

Environmental management in darmstadtium has an effect on the most varied areas of activity. Internal company guidelines of darmstadtium for the purchase of goods and services have a preference for products that fulfil environmental and sustainability requirements. The range of products taken into consideration runs from office material and electrical equipment to sanitary products; even the furniture is certified. All the materials we use, such as printer and letter paper, are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. This dedication to the environment is also implemented in the daily activities of office staff.
To this end, both the team and the service providers working in darmstadtium (catering and cleaning industry) were trained to become sustainability consultants in a special sustainability seminar. From this, a sustainability group was formed, which provides colleagues with regular information about sustainability activities and ensures that environmental friendliness is respected in everyday office work and other areas. In this manner, we ensure that we not only procure environmentally friendly equipment and products; we also use them in an environmentally friendly manner and, when the time comes, dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

darmstadtium is proud to have won first place in the “Office and Environment” competition in the category “Companies with up to 500 employees”. Once again, it became clear to the darmstadtium team that green thinking is something that must be sustained from the planning and building phase right up to everyday operation. The award is both a confirmation and an incentive – not just for management, but for every employee.