Annual profit even better than expected – operating results balanced for the first time


Darmstadt, May 2018 – With another increase in revenue of 8% in 2017 compared with the previous year, darmstadtium was able to give itself a belated birthday present.

From the red into the black - that’s not something a congress centre can take for granted. But darmstadtium has succeeded in doing just that; 2017 marks the first time it has ended the year with balanced operating results. Darmstadt’s science and congress centre ended the year with a positive balance, with total revenue of just under 5.5 million euros. That means over 15,000 euros per day in 2017.

With increasing revenue, increasing visitor numbers and larger, higher-revenue events, the success of Darmstadt’s congress centre continues. The results have been better than planned and even better than hoped. In particular, the expectations of the early years have been greatly exceeded. This very positive development meant that in 2017 darmstadtium, as the congress centre in the heart of the "City of Science", was able to make a contribution of 350,000 euros to Darmstadt as a way to support its primary partner’s overall economic situation. In addition to being a reliable partner for its customers and service providers, darmstadtium also has strong roots in the city and region where it is located.

A young and dynamic team is responsible for this success: the average age of darmstadtium’s employees is about 40, and all are highly motivated to move forward together. In the years to come, there will be an ever-increasing need, in a highly competitive market environment, to use distinguishing characteristics like darmstadtium’s unique information technology to maintain as well as expand the market position it has attained. "Constant further development is extremely important for a successful enterprise, the events sector never stops moving," explains Lars Wöhler, Managing Director of the darmstadtium. "We are pleased with the results of our ten years of operations, but we are not resting on our laurels. Instead, we are working to hold on to the title of ‘best connected’ in the future as well, for example by continuing to expand our wi-fi standard to ‘Wave 2.’ We also plan to completely redo our IT infrastructure as part of our digitisation strategy, and thereby to generate advantages for customers and over our competitors. We just keep on investing!" 

Despite doubled revenue and ever-growing numbers of visitors, energy usage in the darmstadtium was reduced again in 2017. Darmstadt’s mayor Jochen Partsch, who is also the chair of the supervisory board of the darmstadtium, explains: "It’s really a great success story to again hear from the darmstadtium that energy consumption was brought down further even as revenue increased. Not just because of the balanced operating results, but also because of the positive environmental effects. Here in Darmstadt, the 'City of Science', we are working on reaching our urban climate goals, and the great work at darmstadtium contributes to this. The constant further developments in the building and the work of the entire team are among the reasons I am, in this tenth anniversary year, so optimistic about the future of our science and congress centre.”

Looking ahead: Upcoming event highlights in 2018

In addition to the record figures from 2017, it’s also worth looking at the prospects for the current year. In September 2018, the Dalai Lama will be coming with several Nobel Peace Prize winners, and in addition to events already familiar from the previous year like Software AG’s general meeting or the sales management congress "Vertriebsmanagementkongress 2018", events like the B.A.U.M. 2018 annual conference, Merck’s "Curious2018", DNUG’s 2018 annual conference and "Drupal Europe 18" are expected during this 10th anniversary year.