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Die Architekten

Talik Chalabi, the architect from Vienna

After the architect Olbrich, who helped to shape Mathildenhöhe more than 100 years ago, another architect from Vienna, this time Talik Chalabi, has had the opportunity to put his mark on Darmstadt – a mark whose reach extends well beyond the city.

Born in 1957 in Poitiers (France), he moved to Baghdad with his Iraqi parents at the age of five, attended school there and in Geneva and studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and Harvard University in the United States. In Vienna, he accepted a position as assistant lecturer for urban construction at the spatial planning and rural reorganisation department at the Universität für Bodenkultur.

At the urban construction department at the Technical University, he also learnt how future architects draw and prepare for competitions.

Together with his brother, Chalabi runs an office in Vienna that employees a staff of more than 20.

For the construction of darmstadtium, Chalabi formed a working group with Darmstadt architect Paul Schröder, who was responsible for execution planning and detailed planning on site.


Paul Schröder, the architect in Darmstadt


Paul Schröder, who was born in Münster in Westphalia in 1949, studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt and at ETH Zurich. In Darmstadt, he was a research associate at the chair of Professor Günther Behnisch. In the years to follow, he held lectures and seminars and oversaw designs and exercises.


For over 25 years, Paul Schröder and his office fs-architekten have focused on the areas of office, apartment and industrial construction, as well as buildings for culture, sport and airports.