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Intelligent energy use concept

Energy flows: A big plan for a big effect

From the earliest days of planning, darmstadtium has been setting ecological and thus also economic standards. The principle of consistent sustainability was one of the specific construction requirements. This was a challenge for architects, expert planners, Hochschule Darmstadt and TU Darmstadt, who were working on technical implementation.

The result of their efforts was a building that was unique at that point in terms of its combination of tried-and-tested standard energy-saving methods and completely new solutions. Never had the various approaches – from thermal storage of the building concrete to the use of ground heat, heat recovery and the woodchip power plant etc. – been combined in a building of this size and with this purpose. A total of 10 energy sources have been woven together in such a complex manner that the building’s power supply has an almost neutral CO2 footprint. Furthermore: the use of all these resources requires an equally complex coordination and control of the resources.


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