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Futuristic Architecture

Worlds collided when Talik Chalabi’s successful design met the fire brigade’s requirements for fire protection and escape routes (guidelines regarding places of public assembly) for the first time. Over the course of many meetings, however, all items were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Even on the outside, the building’s architecture makes it unusual and striking. Slanted surfaces are in the majority, both inside and out. This is intended to avoid the entry of direct sunlight.

The “Calla” in the atrium entrance foyer is not just eye-catching; it also has a practical purpose. The funnel-shaped flower made of glass and steel is used in two ways to save resources – to collect rainwater and to suck in air. After that, heat recovery from the waste air follows, as does evaporation of the rainwater to cool the incoming air and use of the rainwater for sanitation.

The “Chalabi Gorge”, which got its name from the architect Talik Chalabi, is not only striking – the area looks like a gorge or mountain ravine – it has an important function: it is the ramp to allow wheelchair users to access many different levels.