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Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR in the darmstadtium



  • Use of renewable energies (photovoltaics, geothermics, use of rainwater, biomass boiler, green electricity)
  • Intelligent energy use concept
  • LED lamps, motion sensor, water-based varnish, natural stone, bamboo parquet, vacuum toilets
  • Intensity of LED-wall adapts to brightness outside
  • Greened roof (support biodiversity)
  • DGNB certificate in silver; most sustainable office in Germany 2014 (B.A.U.M. e.V.)
  • Member of B.A.U.M. e.V. (German Environmental Management Association); initiative „Economy pro Climate“
  • Certified "senior-friendly company"
  • Certified barrier-free business - "Reisen für Alle" ("Travelling for everyone")


  • Climate-friendly location
  • Climate-neutral arrival
  • Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) - Green Arrival
  • Congress ticket for public transport
  • Rental of e-bikes
  • Electric charging stations in our underground car park
  • Local public transport / AirLiner-connection to Frankfurt Airport
  • Public toilets
  • Cashpoint
  • Accessibility - also on the website (read more!)
  • Automatic Sliding doors at the main entrance
  • Stair lift to facilitate getting on stage


  • TÜV-tests
  • Accident prevention regulations
  • Fire prevention
  • Safety concept (prepared with fire brigade and police)
  • Public accessible defibrillator


Energy and climate

  • 100 % green electricity
  • Climate partner "Entega"compensates steady CO2-emissions with climate protection projects
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Switch to new generation of LED lamps (e.g. own production of compatible LED lamps), energysaving event and inhouse technology
  • Green IT: server virtualization - still guaranteed data security and reliability
  • Use of public transport for business trips
  • Print only if absolutely necessary, rarely coloured, always double-sided
  • Paper and envelopes from sustainably managed forests
  • Environmentally friendly shipping with Deutsche Post (GOGREEN)
  • Trained sustainability consultants in all departments -> "sustainability group"

Waste, goods traffic

  • Reduce - reuse - recycle
  • Strict waste seperation in the whole house
  • Litter service only if necessary
  • Local service providers and suppliers
  • Packaging preferably compostable
  • Collecting deodorants for a recycling project
  • Flea market with discarded event technology instead of slinging it away


  • Reduction of service water
  • Rainwater treatment system
  • Partly irrigation of rainwater for green spaces
  • Vacuum toilets (water-saving)
  • Water dispenser for employees (glass-bottles, no plastic)



  • Secure job due to increase in sales and reduce of consumption
  • Training and development on company time
  • Work experience/internships
  • Cultural diversity
  • Flexible working (compatibility of family and career, home office)
  • Worker protection
  • Employee benefits
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Female Executives
  • Occupational health check (only for own information)
  • Action days for employees (e.g. for health, security) - e.g. joint planting session


  • Participation in a sustainable municipal economy
  • Art exhibitions, e.g. BehindART (biggest inclusive exhibition in Hesse)
  • Music events (e.g. "Orchesterwerkstatt" for supporting young people)
  • Cultural and sports events
  • Scientific events
  • Seniors' days, certified senior friendly company
  • Game event "Darmstadt spielt" (support of pedagogical approaches)
  • Clubs' day "Tag der Vereine"
  • Palliative day
  • Preservation of the city wall, the Darmstadtia and the history
  • Collection of stamps for the foundation "Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel"
  • Guided tours in the congress centre (e.g. for school classes)
  • Girls‘ day
  • Cooperation with DBU (German Federal Environment Foundation); projects with school classes, award ceremony of this foundation in the darmstadtium in 2021
  • Geodetic measuring station (earthquake early warning system for the protection of the population and evaluation by scientists) in conjuction with Darmstadt University of Technology and HLNUG


  • Human rights
  • Labour standards
  • Anti-corruption
  • Initiative "fairpflichtet"
  • Training initiative "100Pro" (training company)