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Concrete, glass and steel

Sustainable and robust materials were chosen during the planning stage. Steel and glass, which make up a large proportion of the materials used for the building, are visible straight away.
The darmstadtium‘s exterior shell is approx. 80 % glass to ensure maximum transparency and availability of natural light. However, the large glass surfaces are intelligently angled to reflect light more efficiently and thereby prevent rooms heating up during the summer months. This cuts air-conditioning requirements. Double-glazing and an interior screen – to extract warm air directly at the surface of the windows – optimise the insulating effi ciency of the glass facade.

The building's facade is made of dorfer green, a facade stone that is very rough to the touch. The greenish basic colour was decided on very early due to the desired appearance of the building; dorfer green seemed suitable and not too intrusive. The chlorite slate is from Austria.

Within the building, the surfaces covered with natural stone are incisive; wood has also been widely used. The floor is covered with bamboo parquet, as bamboo is a stable raw material.