10 years of satisfied customers and guests

Our team feels good about their 99 per cent customer satisfaction rating, as each event is special and individually planned with the customer – and our staff give 100 per cent of their energy to make sure every event is a success. 

"The darmstadtium and the whole team are characterised by its flexibility, reliability, kindness & expertise – an all-round pleasant working environment with a great team in your house! Many thanks for the flexibility, the accommodation and the smooth running during the event days."
Tobias Mund, Managing Director White Elements GmbH

"Very few conference centres deliver on WiFi availability for number of clients nor speed. Not once in the week, even during keynotes, did I experience problems. Fantastic service, that's not just the WiFi either. Highly recommend your conference centre as a venue."
Paul Johnson, DrupalCon Europe

average customer satisfaction

p 1.25* event planning
e 1.19* event support
T 1.3* IT/technical support
* average of given grades: 1 (very good) to 5 (inadequate)